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You bring the music, we’ll bring the smiles.

Lawrence Centre Day Group

Music so often has a wealth of benefits for people living with dementia.

It can help reduce anxiety and depression, help maintain speech and language, enhance quality of life and has a positive impact on carers.

Listening to familiar music can bring smiles, moving to the tune and dancing even when communication is lost.

Someone who never seems to respond to anything can suddenly crack a smile at the sound of a song apparently deeply lost in their memory. A wonderful sight to see.

So this is why we at the Wells Dementia Action Alliance pay highly talented musicians to bring smiles at the Heads Up mental health charity in South Horrington and The Lawrence Day Centre in Wells, another fine charity.

The musicians charge much less than their usual rate but the alliance still needs to find the money.

So we are appealing for businesses or individuals to sponsor music therapy sessions – one a month at Heads Up or one a month at The Lawrence Centre.

The cost would be £50 a month, or £600 a year.

If you are interested please email

Neurologists are told on the Practical Neurology website which provides best practice: “Music appears to be a necessity for dementia patients.”

Jo and Emma bring Singing for the Brain to the Memory Cafe on 15 June 2022., funded by Wells SOUP

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