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Singing for the Brain Needs Your Help

Last year Singing For the Brain Received a Grant for Lottery Funding to help run the sessions in Seagar Hall on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Wells Singing for the Brain group which has been successfully running at the Seager Hall in Wells since January 2022. You, as a community, have helped so much already to keep this group going with the White family’s fundraising page, fundraising luncheon and the hugely successful and well attended Firestation Charity Car wash.

Eliza Wylie is now working on a bid, with partners including the Wells Dementia Action Alliance, Stepping Out, Heads Up and The Lawrence Centre to get the group funded for another year from October but current funds will run out in July and they will need some help to keep running until they receive more funding.

Please help if you can! The group is for all to enjoy so anyone is welcome to stick their head in the door on a Wednesday and come and enjoy some music making! Thank you!!!