Fire Safety In The Home

Ian Bolton from Devon and Somerset Fire Services at the WDAA Network on 24 January 2023

WDAA Network Meeting was treated to a very informative presentation on prevention of fire in homes by Ian Bolton of the Deveon and Somerset Fire Service. He explained that there are 9 technicians in Somerset who can visit people in their own homes to advise on fire safety specific to  a person’s needs and their home. The service is free and available to all and they average 1200-1500 visits a month, though there is currently a backlog and it is being prioritised to higher priority groups such as people over 65, people with disabilities, dementia, or other medical needs.

The technicians can offer free equipment such as fire retardant rugs and bedding, extension leads and smoke detectors where the needs are greatest and create bespoke solutions.  He covered electrics, kitchens, electric blankets/wheat-bags, smoke detectors, lithium batteries, candles, night time use of household appliances and much more. There is a database for people who can’t self-rescue due to mobility loss and they would send extra fire fighting appliances in those case.

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