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WDAA Restarts Dementia Awareness Sessions

Denise Denis and Claire Chettoe at Wells Cathedral Education Room

WDAA are rolling out new Dementia Awareness sessions which include 2 short videos from the Alzheimer’s Society.

The sessions help explain the signs which indicate someone may have dementia that you might come across, and ways to help people who are using your service, as well as what Wells Dementia Action Alliance does in Wells. The sessions are 30 minutes long and we have a Questions and Answers Fact Sheet to give to attendees at the end.

Denise Denis and Claire Chettoe have given two sessions to the Cathedral staff and volunteers in September, and have dates booked for future sessions at The Bishops’ Palace, Mondyes Court and The Town Hall in October.

Claire Chettoe shows the Alzheimer’s Society video to illustrate living well with dementia in the community.