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Books can be helpful:

• Contented Dementia by Dr Oliver James. It contains all the knowledge and
experience of different cases to help you learn how to respond to him
(ISBN. 978-0-09-190181-3).
• Compassion with Dementia by Hilary Cragg for well set-out wider advice
(ISBN. 9781914 288180).
• If Only I’d Known That by Susan Hartnell-Beavis from The Leonardo Trust –
it is a breath of fresh air to read (ISBN. 978-1-80049-496-1)

fcn_21562-A5-16pp-Brochure-Angels-in-Gumboots-DIGI.pdf-is free to download

Live the life you want, safe in the knowledge that help is on hand whenever you need it.

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Somerset Independent Living Centres (SILC)

Somerset’s Independent Living Centres (SILCs) in Shepton Mallet and Wellington are now open for pre-booked appointments where people can talk to the Adult Social Care Occupational Therapy led team and try out equipment and technology to make daily living easier  The SILC Service is free for people to attend through booking an appointment on 0300 123 2224 or email

These 2-minute videos will show you what to expect when you visit:

Shepton Mallet


For more information 0300 123 2224

Avon and Somerset Constabulary Safeguarding Scheme for People with Dementia

Sgt Stuart King is passionate about safeguarding people with dementia. The scheme he set up is now in its seventh year and being replicated by forces across the country.

The scheme, also known as the Herbert Protocol, enables families to upload vital information about their loved one via the Avon and Somerset Police website, which can be quickly accessed by the police should they need to conduct a missing person search.

Free ‘wearable tech’ wristbands are now also available through the scheme thanks to charitable funding. The wristbands store this vital information, which can then be retrieved by emergency services, health professionals or members of the public using a smartphone, to help return the wearer to safety if they are found lost or in need of assistance.

The force is also introducing a GPS tracker device in the form of a key tag.

Somerset Think Travel website

Somerset County Council (SCC) have just launched a great website that enables people to plan journeys or find out what types of transport eg public transport or alternative transport such as community transport or volunteer car schemes.

People can include search options such as accessibility including walking speed and mobility level.

It’s possible to post requests for transport to particular locations and to offer of transport.

The website has had a soft launch because SCC want it’s existence publicised amongst potential users but there will be a hard launch after the May elections.

Word of caution: there may not be a solution to every transport query.


Radar Keys

A RADAR key gives people with disabilities and health conditions independent access to locked public toilets around the country. The Radar Key Scheme enables these disabled toilets to be locked to prevent vandalism and misuse, while also being readily available to those who really need them.

Having a RADAR key can be life changing because it means that someone with continence problems can go out knowing they’ll be able to access a public toilet when they need to. If you or someone you care for needs a RADAR key please contact WDAA via our Facebook page or by emailing  and we’ll refer you to Jo Sylvester, Mendip Carers Assessment Worker

“Wearable-tech “Wristband
Key Tag